Southern California Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Council extends an invitation of membership to any person or firm whose business is connected with the frozen & refrigerated foods industry in Southern California or Clark County, Nevada. Any person engaging in buying, selling, promoting, consulting, transporting, displaying, storing, processing, manufacturing or distributing frozen & refrigerated foods is eligible for membership.

Application for Membership / Renewal

We hereby apply for membership in the Southern California Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Council for the annual term, July 1 through June 30.

Two membership plans are available:

Plan #1: Individual Membership one Regular (voting) member only - $125
Individual Membership

Plan #2: Company Membership one Regular member and unlimited Associate members - $250
Company Membership

If you prefer, you may download a membership brochure and mail it to SCFRC with your payment for membership.

Click Here to download a Membership Brochure.

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